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Healthy Blood,Relieved tiredness


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Help maintain healthy iron levels in the body with Swisse Ultiboost Iron Gummies. Formulated based on scientific evidence, these delicious gummies contain 20mg of iron per daily dose to help maintain healthy blood, relieve tiredness and fatigue, help prevent dietary iron deficiency, and support the transport of oxygen in the body.

They also contain vitamin C to support iron absorption and to help maintain healthy immune system function. Available in a natural blackcurrant flavour, these gummies are 99% sugar free, contain no artificial sweeteners, and offer a convenient alternative to traditional iron tablets and capsules. Suitable For: Adults


• Contains 20mg of iron per daily dose to support healthy iron levels in the body and help prevent dietary iron deficiency.

• Help to relieves tiredness and fatigue.

• Helps maintain healthy blood and red blood cell production.

• Formulated with vitamin C to help maintain iron absorption.

• 99.9% sugar free with no artificial sweeteners.

• Convenient gummy format in a great tasting natural blackcurrant flavour.

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