We currently reside in Australia. All products are hand-picked and sent by myself from Chemist Warehouse, a well-known Australian retailer. I received Spring Leaf and Wealthy health brand products directly from the company. When you purchase from us, you won't have to worry about anything, and you'll be consuming authentic Australian standard products.

We are in Australia and choose and deliver the products ourselves. Be confident that you will receive genuine products with one-stop service.
All products are sent via Air Freight, which is fast and maintains the same quality as if you were shopping in Australia.
Products are ready to ship and can be pre-ordered. 
one-stop shop for health and wellness supplies. There is a staff that consults with well-being expert and offers advice. 
A wide range of vitamins from well-known brands, all of which meet international safety standards.


Nutra-Life Probiotica Daily Health 60 Capsules

Sold 9 items

1,490 THB ฿1,490



Nutra-Life High Strength Vitamin C + Vitamin D + Zinc 120 Tablets

Sold 4 items

1,390 THB ฿1,390



Spring Leaf sheep Placenta 80000 mg

Sold 3 items

1,850 THB ฿1,850
1,590 THB ฿1,590 -14%



Spring leaf collagen

Sold 3 items

2,000 THB ฿2,000
1,150 THB ฿1,150 -43%


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