Swisse Cranberry


supports urinary tract health


Categories : Brand Swisse Adult Vitamins


Swisse Ultiboost High Strength Cranberry supports urinary tract health, including bladder and kidney health.

It also provides symptomatic relief for medically diagnosed cystitis, including vaginal discomfort and frequent, burning urination. This premium quality formula contains high potency PACRAN®, a unique, powdered form of the whole cranberry fruit that is rich in antioxidants. Suitable For: Adults

Size: 30 Capsules


• Supports urinary tract health and function, including bladder and kidney health.

• Provides relief from the symptoms of medically diagnosed cystitis, such as itching and frequent. burning urination.

• Helps protect against free radical damage and supports general health and wellbeing.

• Formulated with PACRAN®, a unique powdered form of the whole cranberry fruit, that is extra rich in antioxidants.

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