Elevit Breastfeeding 60 Capsuals


Elevit Breastfeeding Multivitamin Capsules 60 Pack (60 Days)


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Breastfeeding is a nutritionally demanding time. Your nutritional requirements change after the arrival of your baby, and it can be hard to achieve those increased needs through diet alone. Elevit Breastfeeding is a specifically tailored breastfeeding multivitamin, to help support your increased nutritional needs and your baby's ongoing healthy development. It also supports Mum's breast milk quality and supply as well as vitality and energy.

Each Elevit Breastfeeding capsule has been specifically formulated with lutein, betacarotene, iodine, omega 3, B group vitamins, and iron which are important for the overall health of your baby during this breastfeeding period.

Start taking Elevit Breastfeeding immediately after birth, to support baby's brain and eye development, and help boost your immunity and energy levels.

- Tailored to support Mum's increased nutritional needs during breastfeeding for baby's ongoing healthy development
- Supports baby's brain and eye development. Helps boost Mum's energy and immunity.
- Supports Mum's breast milk production
- Nutrient requirements increase significantly during breastfeeding and are unique to this stage.
- Contains vitamins and minerals to support breastfeeding mums and babies, including lutein, betacarotene, iodine, omega 3, B group vitamins, and iron.
- Switch from Elevit Pregnancy Multivitamin to Elevit Breastfeeding after birth, to support your new nutritional needs.
- From the makers of Elevit, the pregnancy nutrition specialists.
- Elevit is Australia's number 1 and most trusted pregnancy vitamin brand*.

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