Blackmores Executive B Vitamin B Stress Support 160 Tablets



In times of stress, try Blackmores Executive B Stress Formula tablets. This dietary supplement is specifically formulated to support a healthy stress response in your body. It contains key ingredients magnesium and B group vitamins to help support your nervous system health and maintain your energy levels. Executive B Stress Formula also works to support your general health and wellbeing. Adults: Take one tablet two times a day to help your body respond to everyday stress.
Suitable For: Adults Take Take. as recommended for children under 2 years old

Product Claims: No added yeast, milk derivatives or preservatives. No added artificial flavours or sweeteners.

Boxed Contents: 160 Tablets

Size: 160 Tablets


• Supports a healthy stress response in your body.
• Maintains healthy nervous system function.
• Supports feelings of relaxation.
• Maintains energy levels by supporting the conversion of food into energy.
• Supports general health and wellbeing.

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