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Elevit Probiotics is scientifically formulated with billions of healthy bacteria to support immunity and gut health, suitable to be taken during pre-conception, pregnancy & breastfeeding.

Elevit Probiotics contains billions of healthy probiotic bacteria and has been scientifically formulated to support immune system health, gut health, intestinal flora growth and nutrient uptake.

Elevit Probiotics for Immunity & Gut Health :
- Is suitable to be taken during pre-conception, pregnancy or breastfeeding
- Supports immune system & gut health
- Supports Intestinal flora growth
- Supports nutrient uptake
- Contains multiple strains of probiotics with billions of healthy bacteria
- One convenient capsule per day
- Convenient and travel friendly. No refrigeration required.
- From the makers of Elevit, the pregnancy nutrition specialists. Elevit is Australia's number 1 and most trusted pregnancy vitamin brand*.
- Suitable to be used in combination with Elevit Pre-conception & Pregnancy multivitamin or Elevit Breastfeeding. It is not a replacement
- Suitable for vegans and vegetarians

The human body contains trillions of microbes that make up the microbiome and assist in keeping you healthy. Everyone's microbiome is unique, and is influenced by a range of factors including stress levels, diet, age, gender and life stage, such as pregnancy and breastfeeding. Nutrition and gut health are especially important during the pregnancy journey and probiotics can play a supportive role as your body changes.

30 capsules

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